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February 6, 2014:
As always, we offer the caveat that you should be in consultation with a medical professional when doing any kind of self-injection regimen. You can lose limbs, and die, if you don't understand proper procedures.


We are adding special help topics on how to safely use b12 injections and other supplements for weight control and better energy.


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(February 6, 2014)

Self Injection Tips

1. Learn how to inject yourself from a licensed physician. No online injection information is going to help you get the feel for B12 shots.

2. Always follow physician's guidelines and guidelines for the safe disposal of used syringes. Many sources make it possible to buy used sharps collection containers. It is best to be careful with used syringes given that anyone accidentally poked with one will call his lawyer as soon as he is done calling his doctor.

3. Many parents give B12 shots to children based on a pediatrician's advice and instruction. Make sure all parents and caregivers are aware of the child's need for B12 shots so a deficiency is not misdiagnosed.

As we always say, "see your doctor" for more information. There are many ways to get your recommended dose of vitamins. Sublingual sources, available at your local vitamin shop or pharmacy, may be adequate.


Notes and Special Information

Special note: we do not sell, and would never recommend, injectable human growth hormone (HGH) or steroid-like supplements online. We believe that your hormone balance is is very important to good living, and only a personal physician should provide prescription hormones, testosterone enhancers, or other weight and mass gaining products. This site is meant to be strictly informational, and does not advocate any weight loss advice or energy-enhancing strategies that would not first be approved by a licensed physician. As the FDA warns with all supplements, the advice on this site should not be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.