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February 6, 2014:
New ways of delivering Vitamin B12 are being offered without using injections.


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Soon we will have videos and special help topics on how to safely use b12 injections and other supplements for weight control and better energy.


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News about Vitamin B12

Get the latest news about Vitamin B12 and its uses for weight loss and fatigue reduction. Initially used as a treatment for pernicious anemia, vitamin B12 has become more popular than ever as a way of losing weight and enhancing energy. As we get more information about our company and Vitamin B12, we will continue to update this space.

-Editor Aaron Griswald, January 21, 2008

Always consult with a doctor whenever you want to lose weight or get more information on a healthy lifestyle. By making sure that you do not have any underlying health conditions (conditions sometimes caused by a poor dietary intake, toxins, or other outside factors) that would prevent you from using injectable supplements, you can be certain that you are not endangering your health.

As of 2014 the news on B-12 is that it may decrease with age, due to digestive issues or inadequate nutrition. Prolonged use of proton pump inhibitors and stomach acid reducers can create a deficiency that harms your health. Liver issues can also result in lost energy due to the lack of the nutrient. Similarly, the diabetes drug metformin, which has come into more increased use over time thanks to increases in the number of diabetics, may block B12. Symptoms like a tingling feeling in the feet and hands, numbness, imbalance, confusion, forgetfulness, and irritability could be symptoms of a deficiency.

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Special note: we do not sell, and would never recommend, injectable human growth hormone (HGH) or steroid-like supplements online. We believe that your hormone balance is is very important to good living, and only a personal physician should provide prescription hormones, testosterone enhancers, or other weight and mass gaining products. This site is meant to be strictly informational, and does not advocate any weight loss advice or energy-enhancing strategies that would not first be approved by a licensed physician. As the FDA warns with all supplements, the advice on this site should not be used to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease.