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June 18, 2012:
Jury comes back and finds that Clement was not lying about B12 Shots! Find out more about vitamin supplements and healthy living from our website.


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Coming in 2011 we will have videos and special help topics on how to safely use b12 injections and other supplements for weight control and better energy.


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B12 for Baseball Greatness!

Update: June 18, 2012. A Jury Comes Back and says that Clemens was telling the truth. Throw out your asterisks and learn the hitting power of the B-12 Injection! Congressional hearings prove what we've been saying all week! Roger Clemens stands by his B-12 injections in front of Congress and the whole nation! Interest in B-12 shots is at an all time high thanks to this courageous baseball player! Even though our site is still in development stage and not scheduled to launch for a few months, we are highly anticipating the popularity of supplements, lipotropic injections, and new information about energy and performance enhancement through injectable vitamins!

In a recent news article about  baseball player Roger Clemens, the subject of B12 shots came up. This Cy Young award winner went public with his use of B12 to gain energy and stamina. While the jury is out on all the beneficial effects of B12, Mr. Clemen's endorsement of the shots and the beneficial effect on his playing may not be a coincidence. Depending on your health condition (always see a doctor, as this commentary is not medical advice) B12 injections can improve vitamin delivery to your body in ways that can't be helped with sublingual methods.

The list of other Baseball players using B12 injections to improve their performance is so far unknown, but given recent disclosures about trainers and the formulas at their disposal, it is not unlikely that more famous names like Roger Clemens will come out and say that B12 injections were a part of keeping healthy and improving their performance. Well known players like Jose Canseco even said in his book that the phrase "I need to go in and get a B12 Shot"*  was very common among people in the locker room.

Will we see a further trend among ball players, performers, and athletes admitting to B12 as the secret of their success? Only time will tell.

* page 211 of his book "Juiced"

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